Saturday, January 7, 2012

What is Toddler To Do?

     God has blessed me so much in giving me the gift of being home with my son. I do not take it for granted and I keep joyfully very busy here with him. I want to share some of the stuff I do as a stay-at-home-MOM. I want to learn from other moms and HAVE FUN!  

A little about me:

     My name is Heather. I am a follower of Christ. I am married to N (who for the past two years has been a full-time nursing student/full-time PCT in a local hospital... but now is weeks away from taking his NCLEX- yay)! We have one son, T, and a daughter, M, who is baking and will pop out of the oven in mid-May. We live in a tiny, one-bedroom apartment in the desert. 

     I have always had a heart for children and a love of teaching. I started out younger than most people being an aunt and always loved to dote on and baby-sit my niece and nephews. That’s probably where it all began. As long as I was old enough, I have been working with kiddos in some capacity: in a classroom, as a nanny, as a mentor, or substitute parent in a group home for teens. Now my son is the outlet for all my educational energy and ideas! He’s my willing and enthusiastic little guinea pig! 
     So there you have it. I’m not pretending to be an expert, in fact I regularly feel like I am messing up and make tons of mistakes, but I simply love children- especially my own- and genuinely find joy in and have fun with kid stuff! 

      I LOVE the smell of finger paint (I can’t say I love the taste, like my son does), I LOVE the way a freshly strung necklace of Cheerios feels when you put it on, I LOVE our small kitchen COVERED in flour after my little helper assists with the biscuits, I LOVE making up songs to go along with concepts. I LOVE my son’s face when he discovers something new. I get a kick out of it. I get excited about it. I just want to spread the LOVE! I can hardly wait to get feedback from other moms that also have great ideas, opinions, and experiences to share! 

Thanks for reading,


  1. OMGoodness, "T" is SO CUTE! I am following on GFC and facebook! You are so passionate and down to earth...I am excited about your new blog and cant wait to read more.

    - jenny at dapperhouse

  2. Heather - I love reading your blog and am encouraged by what you say. I would love to catch up with you sometime and spend some time together. I live in Tempe near the Marketplace and actually saw you and your sister (and T) at the Mosque Mediterranean restaurant months ago last summer.

    1. Thanks so much, Kelly! How funny, I totally remember that day at the restaurant! I was like five weeks pregnant and I was feeling sooooo nauseous! It would be really fun to see you, I'll message you on FB :-)