Friday, January 20, 2012

Baking with a Toddler!

     I love to bake and I have a lot of fun including my son in the process (toddler pie?). I always expect that with his “help” there is going to be a lot of tasting involved. For the most part, I don’t mind that. He has only tried baking powder/soda about twice and now when he sees either of them, he says “that's yucky!” He thinks that flour tastes good, and of course asks to taste sugar specifically!

     ANYWAY, one thing I do mind him tasting is dough with raw eggs in it. I know that most people probably would not think much about having a taste of batter or dough containing raw eggs, (I usually don’t care) but for me while I’m prego, and my toddler I just don’t feel comfortable.

     I hear too many news stories about food-born illness and know too much about factory farm practices. I really don’t feel I can trust that the eggs I buy in the grocery store are safe to eat without cooking, especially for people with compromised immune systems (pregnant women and young children). 

     I know that applesauce can make a great egg-replacer in baking recipes, but I also dug up some tasty cookie recipes that don’t call for eggs at all. I think they taste a little better than the applesauce cookies. We have made these and they are really yummy and safe, both in cookie and dough form!

     I found this recipe on a bag of Bob's Red Mill flour. We made a couple dozen for my brother's birthday and he approves! They are yummy!

     These may not sound appetizing, but we have tried these many, many times. I have a sister who is vegan, and these are a favorite of mine to make for her because even though they're vegan they actually taste really good, like the real thing.

     These cookies are great! They are favorite of mine at Christmas. The dough is very similar in texture to Playdough so it's great for a toddler to squish and roll.

Finished bonbons!

Happy tasting!


  1. Yum! These look good and fun to try with A! She has a stool and is excited to help anytime someone does something in the kitchen;-)

    1. The bonbons are good, a little too good! T ate a ton of dough when we were making those! If you try them, keep a close eye on A :-) She IS such a good helper in your kitchen, I love the pictures of her making bread with you!

  2. I have had your vegan tofu cookies and they are Delish!!! I totally recommend that your readers give them a try... they would probably be a big seller at a bake sale too because they cater to vegans, and because people may be curious to try them! I am going to make those for our next fundraiser at the grade school!

    1. Those WERE a total surprise, huh? I don't think yummy when I see the word, "tofu." You might want to have some samples available at the bake sale, just in case ;-)